Choosing the week day for your wedding in Italy- costs and superstition

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Town Hall’s fees for Civil Marriages in Italy vary according to the day of the week you pick for your wedding.

unpopular – good rates

Traditionally barbers and hairdressers’ day off is on Mondays and Italians use to say that only barbers get married on this day of the week. Rather snobbish but true – no Italians get married on Mondays unless they are barbers!

unpopular – good rates

There is a popular proverb in Italy saying: “never marry and travel on Tuesdays and Fridays” to avoid bad luck.

fair – good rates

Not a busy day!

fair – good rates

Not a busy day!

Becoming popular – rates are increasing

Despite the above-mentioned proverb and due to the economic crises, Italian couples who can’t afford Saturdays have been recently choosing this day being so close to the week end. So, if this is your day, hurry up!

Extremely popular – expensive and overbooked!

No need to explain why. When it comes to Saturdays, Italian couples reserve the date up to 2 years in advance to be sure to get their favourite Town Hall, church or venue.


CIVIL MARRIAGES - Many Towns do not celebrate weddings on Sundays. Make an enquiry to the Ufficio di Stato Civile in the Town Hall you have picked to be sure they do, before making reservations (and down payments) for accommodation and reception venue.

CATHOLIC MARRIAGES – In Puglia and many other regions in Italy, Catholic weddings are not allowed on Sundays. In these regions, Bishops implement strictly the guideline from Vatican saying that Sundays are consecrated to the Mass for the community. No exception, even if you know the Bishop personally. So, don’t trust anyone saying or promising you the opposite!  

By the way, I got married on a Friday almost 19 years ago……

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