About Us

Sarah Barney and Giusy D'Ambrosio met in Ostuni in 2007 where they had both moved to de-stress their lives and enjoy the southern Italian lifestyle.

Sarah and Steve are professional photographers www.capturelavista.com and own a characteristic B&B in the countryside www.ilcasaleneitrulli.com

Giusy is an interpreter and translator, happily married with Mimmo Morena, a professional basketball player, They have two children.

Their friendship bacame partnership when they realized that their knowledge and experience could merge into a wedding planner business for foreign couples looking to marry in Ostuni, an ancient and magic town that overlooks the Adriatic sea. 

The dramatic landscape offers a perfect scenario for memorable marriage celebrations.  Ancient masserie are amazing reception venues.

Giusy and Mimmo will help you make all your dreams come true with expertise, kindness and a touch of italian style.

Forget stress and troubles, relax and enjoy your special day!

wedding in Ostuni, Italy