Autumn wedding, Cristina & Emanuele

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My heart is still full of joy for this stunning couple, who got married last October in a cloudy day full of romanticism.

Cristina's first enquiry arrived on May 31st 2014. It was my wedding anniversary and I was coordinating Jacqueline and Giorgio's wedding ..... quite a busy day!!

We met for the the first time on June 9th for a long Venue Tour to select the reception venue and ever since we've had an exciting time planning the wedding! 320 emails and hundreds of whatsapp messages and pinterest pins. Big fun!

Romance is the keyword.
Cristina's wedding gown and bouquet perfectly matched the mood of the day,
Loving details: the groom and best men's buttonholes

The ring box

They chose an easy country setting for an outdoor ceremony. 


and a warm welcoming dinner hall for their indoor reception.


Olive oil bottles as placeholders and Italian confetti for all guests  


Late in the evening, a chocolate nude wedding cake made everybody happy and ready for the dance floor!

Thanks to Cristina & Emanuele and their loving families, who made my work so pleasant!

Photo by Gianluca Adovasio

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