Big companies or freelance WPs?

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Many couples believe that with a big company, offering tested packages, their event will be a success. It will! All weddings are a success, unless the bride runs away from the church or the groom doesn’t show up! So, what’s the difference between a big company and a freelance wp?

Big companies give you the certainty of packages tested over and over again but your wedding will be like many others! Moreover, you’ll pay the company for the service and, without even realizing it, you’ll pay for the percentages that all vendors and suppliers give to the company for taking “the client” to them. Plus, these big companies usually organize all kind of events….Would you risk your wedding to be managed like a convention?

Your wedding should be unique and special to you and all the people you love. Look for someone who works for the love of it, someone who will call your bridesmaids by name! Actually, you can  find such a WP also among the employees of a big company but, in this case, be sure to meet the person who will actually follow you step by step in the organization of the Big Day!

If you choose a freelance WP, be sure that he/she will be at your back and call.

In both cases, meet your WP personally before signing, and trust your first impression. If she/he doesn’t match the idea you’ve created in your mind by talking to him/her on the phone or by e-mail, forget it and go on searching.

Once you find someone you like, how can you  evaluate her/his expertise?

Tell you next time!

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