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The planning of your wedding starts with choosing the date.

Many couples wish to marry in the day they first met or in the day they declared their love. If you don’t have such a wish, remember that the selection of the date can significantly affect the costs of your wedding up to 20%

Choosing the season

is the most popular season: from June to September wedding venues are quite busy 
in ItalyNo need to say that a strong demand increases costs. If you’re coming to Italy forget Saturdays. Italian couples reserve this day of the week also 2 years ahead! You must be lucky to get one! 
Flowers' costs are also higher during summer time. Due to our hot climate markets buy abroad (especially from Holland).
Accommodation for your guests will also be more expensive. It is high season and unless they make early reservations, there is the risk of sold out.
Moreover, the second half of July and August are very hot, so mind what you do!

Am I advising you against summer weddings? No, I am not. But if you must stay on budget and do not want to give up anything, it is better to pick another season! 

The first option is Spring. The weather is mostly nice with mild temperatures, especially in May. It is mid-season and  prices  for 
accommodation are less expensive as well as flowers: it’s their season and in Italy your florist will find any kind of flower on national markets for fair prices.

is the season that offers the best opportunity to make a good deal. After summertime, there is dead calm for all venues until Christmas time. 
October has nice temperatures and vivid colours perfect for your photos; November, which is not so popular to get married for Italians who consider it the month of All Souls’ Day, is the period when you can get the best prices ever. Just use good sense when choosing the date (preferably second half of the month).

is my favourite, even if I got married in May (heavy rains and thunders all day long!) If you stay away from Christmas holydays (in Italy from Dec 22nd to Jan 6th) prices will be affordable. It is better to choose seasonal flowers for the decorations of course, but ladies can wear their beautiful fur coats. For those who use to wear them.

Whatever season you like best, consider planning pre-wedding events. Usually guests appreciate when there are common events they can join: a beach party, an evening BBQ with folk music, a pizza dinner, drinks at the best lounge bar in the area  etc.  

Don’t forget to send your save the date 6-8 months ahead to give your guests time to organize flights and accommodation. Send invitations 2 months before wedding date with full details of ceremony and reception's time and location plus a detailed programme of all the events they may join, with their costs per person in case you are not treating them.

Now, take the calendar and pick your date!

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