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When we talk about confetti in Italy, we do not mean those small pieces or streamers of paper usually thrown during celebrations, that we call coriandoli.  

In the Italian language confetti  are sugar coated almonds offered to guests during all personal celebrations from birth to Phd graduation parties but especially for weddings. In ancient Roman times confetti, which is the plural of the world confetto from Latin confectum, were grains and only later small sweets. They were thrown to wish good luck to the new couple. Through the centuries, the name has been adapted from sweets to papers in many countries, not in Italy where we have kept the original meaning.

The traditional confetti are white and made with the best almonds: Avola from the town in Sicily where they grow or Spagnola the best quality of Spanish almonds.

Since I remember, the option with dark chocolate instead of almond has always been produced for kids, also in the shape of a heart.
In the last 20 years, new flavours
 have been added to the production - fruit, coffee, ricotta and pear and my favourite pistachio!

We use traditional confetti colors as follows:

WHITE-wedding / first communion/ confirmation  - diamond wedding anniversary, 60 years

PINK-baby girl baptism

LIGHT BLUE- baby boy baptism

RED- Phd graduation 

SILVER- silver wedding anniversary - 25 years

GREEN- engagement / emerald wedding anniversary - 40 years 

GOLD- gold wedding anniversary - 50 years

Prices for traditional confetti with almonds start from 12€ a kilo to 24€ for Avola quality

Pistachio confetti are maybe the most expensive, 40€ a kilo for the pistachio Bronte quality (from Sicily, the best in the world! Try also the gelato al pistacchio di Bronte it's the best ice-cream you will ever eat in your life!)

Good quality fruit confetti cost 20€ a kilo. 

Are you wondering if we throw them? No, we don't ... they are too expensive and so good to be wasted on the floor!

You have two options:

1. CONFETTATA - a candy buffet

2. BOMBONIERA gifts for your guests (candles, soaps, silver gadgets...etc) decorated with confetti in a tulle bag

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