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Posted by Giusy D'Ambrosio on Monday, November 2, 2015 Under: real wedding
When Laura first emailed me, I was thrilled! His brother Daniel got married with my help in October 2013, when I met the whole family except Laura, who was working in Australia and could not make it.
I was really honored that this nice family was entrusting me with another wedding.

The challenge was proposing the country style again but with a different approach!
Daniel got married at Ostuni Town Hall, Laura in an olive grove and I had the pleasure to officiate.


Daniel's tablescape was classic, with white table linens and candles under a marquee at his parents' villa in Ostuni countryside - Laura had rustic wooden tables in the courtyard of a beautiful masseria.

Rustic simple details made the party extremely enjoyable



And as you can see, I could relax and enjoy the speeches!

My special thank you to Annalori Blasi floral design, who found the most beautiful Peonies and Dahlias I have ever seen and to Anna Ambrosi Bianco Photography for being the fairy of the wedding photography!

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