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A symbolic ceremony is a popular option when you are going to get married in a foreign country - it helps you saving the time and money that you would spend to get the necessary paperwork and translation.

Here are a few steps to follow to build up a perfect marriage ceremony:

1. Choose your celebrant. If you hire a pro, stop reading and rely on him/her!
2. Choose the style of the wording - formal, informal
3. Choose the music

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1. The celebrant
A professional should be your first option. When selecting, try to meet candidates in person or at least on a video chat. You should like their voice, general look and attire. The celebrant will be in all your photos and in your wedding day film!

2. The wording
Whether formal or informal, follow the scheme:
- Opening words
- Reading #1
- Reading #2
- Symbolic Rite (Sand ceremony, Celtic ceremony, Hand-holding, Hand-fasting...)
- Consent/Vows
- Rings
- Pronouncement of Marriage

3. The music
Live music is always the best option whether you choose classic or pop music.
You should pick the Processional song, a soft backgroung during the readings and the Recessional song.

Over 30 guests, a wireless mic is always recommended

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